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Booking Terms and Conditions

Seaview Cottage Booking Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Hire

  • To accept that the completed booking is a binding contract and that any subsequent amendments must be agreed in writing to by the Guest and Seaview Cottage. 
  • To check all booking details and inform Seaview Cottage of any mistakes immediately. Seaview Cottage will not be held liable for any mistakes that arise from the Guest providing incorrect information.
  • The Guest shall ensure that Seaview Cottage is left in a clean and tidy condition and that the property and its contents are respected at all times. If damage occurs (beyond fair wear and tear) or excessive cleaning is required then a claim may be made on the deposit provided.
  • The Guest shall not sub-let the premises or any part thereof.
  • The number of people occupying Seaview Cottage shall not exceed the number stated for the premises.
  • The Guest binds and obliges himself to vacate Seaview Cottage without demand at the stated time on termination of the period of hire. Failure to do so may incur a penalty charge of £100.
  • The Guest binds and obliges himself to pay Seaview Cottage in respect of any loss or damage beyond fair wear and tear.
  • Your initial payment comprises a deposit of 30% of the total hire charge. The balance of the hire charge must be paid at least 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the holiday. Seaview Cottage may treat the booking as cancelled if the balance of the hire charge is not sent by this date.
  • If the booking is made within 4 weeks of the start of the holiday, payment in full at the time of booking is required.
  • The Guest agrees that, in the event of Cancellation, while all reasonable efforts will be made by Seaview Cottage to re-let, the Guest will be responsible for paying for the period of tenancy booked if a substitute cannot be found.
  • Seaview Cottage agents or employees, accept no responsibility for loss, injury or damage to any member of the Guest's party or their property, arising in any manner out of the let of the premises, however caused.
  • The Guest shall undertake to prevent any member of his party from causing a nuisance or disturbance to neighbouring residents or occupiers.
  • To ensure that the cottage is secure at all times, ensuring windows and doors are locked when absent and to accept responsibility for own belongings and vehicles.  
  • To abide by the non-smoking policy in Seaview Cottage. On evidence of smoking in the cottage a surcharge will be made for cleaning fabrics, soft furnishing and carpets. This will be a minimum of £200.00.
  • The Guest undertakes to relieve Seaview Cottage from any liability for damage or injury by any member of his party, however caused.
  • The Guest shall not charge any Electric Vehicles via a regular three-pin plug into a domestic socket or using an extension lead from inside or outside the property. 
  • The Guest warrants that the subjects let are to be used for the purposes of a Holiday. Accordingly, Section 12(2) and Paragraphs of Schedule 4 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 applies to the letting to the Guest.
  • Seaview Cottage agents and employees reserve the right of entry to the property at all reasonable times for the purposes of inspection or to carry out repairs or maintenance.
  • To accept that, in the event of Covid restrictions preventing travel to the island, all monies paid towards the booking will be refunded (less admin fee of around 2.5% charged by payment processor.  Please note that Seaview Cottage does not receive any element of this administration fee).

CCTV Policy (July 2022)

Seaview Cottage has an external static camera CCTV system installed. The purpose of this is for the prevention, detection and investigation of criminal activity and to ensure the security of the grounds and amenities. The Manager / Owner of Seaview Cottage is the Responsible Person nominated to oversee this system and procedures.

Signage is displayed to notify guests that CCTV is installed, however the CCTV cameras are only operational when the property is vacant. All cameras are disabled while the property is occupied. Images are stored securely for two weeks and can only be accessed by authorised individuals or by the Police if they request to do so. The images are overwritten after a period of two weeks, apart from any which relate to an incident subject to an ongoing investigation.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings made at this property are made under the followings terms:

30% deposit payable at time of booking with balance 2 weeks before booking start date.  Cancellations not refunded at less than 3 weeks before booking start date.

Pay now and secure your booking.

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Seaview Cottage Straad, Isle of Bute, Scotland

Nights: 7 nights

Guests:1 (1 adults 0 children 0 infants)

Arrival: Saturday, February 24, 2024

Last Night: Friday, March 1, 2024

Booking Value£1095.00

Amount Due Today£328.50