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When is a chair not just a chair.....

They say the best homes are full of personality, they are more welcoming than a blank soulless canvas. Putting personality into your home is about showing an emotional link to your space through design decisions that come from the heart....or something like that anyway.

When considering interior decor, the role of furniture is so important. It's not just about giving us a place to plop down after a long day; these pieces can change the whole feel of a room. While fashion trends may come and go, certain furniture pieces can remain forever fabulous !!

Pieces of upholstered furniture in particular are great, because they can be so versatile. They are like the chameleons of the furniture world. The opportunity to customise them from the choice of fabrics and colours to even being able to adjust the cushioning, means you can tailor a piece to suit your own individual style. Whether your tastes lean towards classic elegance, ultra-modern or shabby chic, there’s bound to be an upholstered gem to suit your design. 

I knew that I wanted to add my own personality to some of the interior décor and buying ready-made furniture was not really allowing me to do that, I wanted more than just the ability to add a few scatter cushions. I decided I wanted to add a bespoke feature piece to each room, but had no idea how to go about it as I am most definitely not a seamstress or upholsterer. So, I set about doing some detective work and discovered that there was someone local who did this very type of work and she was supposed to be good. Good…now there’s an understatement, she turned out to be amazing and incredibly talented. 

I contacted Susan Myler, Myler Décor, and explained what I was hoping to achieve, and was delighted when she said she could help. Susan already had a few pre-loved chairs in storage which turned out were all going to be perfect for my project. I was short of one though, so turned to Facebook marketplace and eventually found a vintage French armchair that would be ideal. I managed to arrange to have it collected and taken to Bute, where it would begin its new life.

I then set about finding the fabric, goodness me, there sure are a lot of fabrics options out there. The great thing about re-upholstery is that apart from ensuring the fabric is fit for purpose, you are only limited by your own imagination. You can be as outrageous as you like. Finding just the right fabric took me a long time, but I eventually narrowed it down to the final 5 and had it all delivered to Susan.

The skill of re-upholstering furniture is not just in making it look pretty, it is about ensuring the furniture’s durability too. Susan stripped down the old chairs, swapping out tired springs, stripped back old paint and varnish finishes and gave weak spots a little extra love. The end result - Furniture that's not just beautiful, but robust and most importantly, comfortable to sit on! 

A Tale Reimagined - Every piece of furniture has a story, and re-upholstering is like giving it a fresh plot twist. The choice of fabric, the little design quirks – it all adds up to a whole new chapter in its life. In a world where 'out with the old, in with the new' happens all too often, re-upholstering offers a refreshing alternative. It celebrates longevity, gives a nod to nostalgia, and allows you to display your individuality.

So, here’s to marvels like Susan Myler who breathe new vitality into aging furniture, reminding us that with time comes character and that skilled hands can revive even the most weathered pieces, infusing them with charm, elegance, and grace once more.