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Isle of Bute  - A Coastal Cottage Decorating journey...

Following on from my recent post about my renovation and decorating journey, here is a little about the double bedroom...

This really was a tricky one, as the room was a difficult shape with odd corners.  Also, the chamfered ceiling dictated where I could and couldn’t put furniture. I really wanted the bed opposite the window as the view is gorgeous, but that would have resulted in quite a few bumped heads due to the sloping ceiling. Fortunately, you can still take full advantage of the view from the bed’s current position 🌊 ~ what a treat it is to be able to lie in bed and gaze out at the view and listen to the birds on the shore. I never close the blinds, so I can look out at the night sky -  apart from a few sparrows and a passing seagull, noone can see in. 
I bought another hanging rail from Pobishop.com,  it was made to measure and it fitted perfectly in an alcove and painted a soft grey to suit the rooms colour scheme. I bought a range of wooden bedroom furniture in a soft grey, it looked lovely. Unfortunately, I had not taken into account the bed 'footer' and it made it a really tight squeeze to get passed the bottom of the bed and invariably resulted in bashed shins. So, I had to part with my lovely wooden bed and get a more practical divan instead...I reminder that just because it looks like the design works on paper it doesnt't mean it will work in practice. 

One of my favourite pieces in the room is the vintage blue travel trunk - I would love to know who had owned it and what interesting places it may have been to. I saw it in a vintage shop and loved the colour and the wood trim. I just knew I would find a way to use it in the cottage, so it was squirreled away into storage. My husband is yet to be convinced that my ‘vintage’ finds are anything more than someone else’s rubbish🤣

The chair is another masterpiece from Susan Myler @mylerdecor. Originally a pink, fringed old lady of a chair, Susan transformed it into a bright, fun, thing of beauty with gorgeous matching cushions. The fabric is ‘Nautical Collage Turquoise’ from www.myfabrics.co.uk. I will detail the chairs and their transformations in a separate post. 

The little vintage stool (side table) is from www.emilyrosevintage.co.uk in Glasgow. I bought it for no other reason I thought it was really was cute, it has a soft green ‘distressed’ (or in need of a fresh coat of paint according to my husband) finish and has a little fish motif on the top. 

I found the four adorable Ed Boxall lino prints online at www.buythesea.co.uk, I just love them. 

And although I don’t usually go for faux flowers etc I just thought the blue/grey/green of the faux eucalyptus from www.fauxflowercompany.co.uk went so well with the room.  The vase was a discount bargain buy from www.coxandcox.co.uk, it has a wonderfully gnarly texture too.