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Scottish Coastal Garden - Winter work..

With another busy year ahead at Seaview Cottage we have to take advantage of a brief quiet period to get to work in the garden. ....

We have a large garden at Seaview Cottage that requires regular attention throughout the year to ensure it remains a delightful space for our guests to enjoy. When we bought the property the garden was really just a large expanse of neglected lawn. Over time .and we have been gradually adding some beds and trees to create a garden with year-round interest and beauty. Anyone who has a garden will know that creating a garden takes time and patience, however the investment is always worth the reward. 

We began creating the garden back in 2018, and is now flourishing with trees, shrubs and perennials - and apples,  which look lovely throughout summer. I am still working on filling gaps, there are always a few losses, and battling the neighbourhood rabbits who think I have provided them with their own smorgasbord of tasty treats. 

Last year we added a new grass bed, which exceeded all expectations in terms of growth and beauty. Given our coastal location, the garden endures some harsh weather, yet the selection of plants we used are proving resilient. The bed buzzed with activity last summer as the bees were drawn to the vibrant colours and movement provided by the variety of grasses and flowers.

The weeks following Christmas are a busy time in the Seaview Cottage garden, as we undertake numerous maintenance tasks. Plants are trimmed and cut back to allow them to conserve energy in preparation for their spring rejuvenation. Beds are edged and tidied, seaweed is gathered and applied as a natural fertiliser, mulch is spread, and the list goes on.  

Our aim is to create a space that is not only beautiful to look at, but also invites you to explore and discover quiet spots to sit with a book, a glass of wine or just to listen to nature and reflect. We hope that Seaview Cottage garden will bring you as much joy as it does us.