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Rothesay Castle...a wee castle with a big history

A visit to Rothesay would not be complete without a visiting its medieval centrepiece. Situated at the heart of the island, Rothesay Castle differs from other Scottish castles due to its circular design. It is remarkably well-preserved considering it was originally constructed in the early 1200s and much of what we see today dates back to its initial construction. it has weathered the storms of time and witnessed many battles. Here is a condensed version of its history so far.

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Hawthorn and Blossom - the garden evolves.

"Don’t even think about sitting under the solitary hawthorn tree because you may be whisked into the Fairy World." The Hawthorn is said to bring protection and love, and to be synonymous with fairies - either way I am happy to have one growing in our garden. Perhaps, don't linger too long below it on the first of May though, just incase you slip away for a moment only to find you have been gone for many years.....................

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Taming of the Hedge

The pink and white Rugosa Rose hedge at Seaview Cottage has become a quite a local landmark. It is truly stunning when in full bloom and has stopped many a walker in their tracks as they admire it.

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Snowdrops ...a first hint of Spring

Ah, February’s fair maid A gentle yet persistent force of nature You triumph over cold, hard earth After the dark days of winter You bring the promise of renewal and rebirth And the enduring spirit of life

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The Hairy Bikers visit the Isle of Bute 2024

The Hairy Bikers new Series 'Hairy Bikers Go West' recently aired on BBC Two and the first episode featured a visit to the beautiful Isle of Bute. The series focusses on local produce and locals trying to make a go of promoting what is available on their own doorsteps. * Update - this was to be the last series the boys filmed together as Dave Myers very sadly passed away 28th February this year .

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When is a chair not just a chair.....

They say the best homes are full of personality, they are more welcoming than a blank soulless canvas. Putting personality into your home is about showing an emotional link to your space through design decisions that come from the heart....or something like that anyway.

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